Different Strategies To Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking Strategies
Painless Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking can significantly reduce your risks of developing a large number of health conditions. You should go over this article if you are not sure what you can do to get rid of this bad habit.

Choose a date to start your efforts. You should be prepared to experience a lot of stress, anger and even go through a mild depression as you quit smoking. It is best to explore different stress management techniques before you make any efforts to quit. Learn more about breathing exercises, meditation and positive thinking. Some very simple exercises such as breathing deeply, relaxing and reminding yourself of your goals or visualizing a calm place can help you get over your cravings. You should also give hypnosis a chance if you need help with managing your stress.

If you are a heavy smoker, do not try quitting cold turkey. This method is very efficient but it can make you sick if you are used to smoking a pack a day or more. Reduce your smoking to ten cigarettes a day or less before trying to quit cold turkey. If you decide to use this method, remember that cravings are caused by the presence of toxins in your body. Work on eliminating these toxins by staying hydrated and sweating a lot.

Break your habits one by one. Your smoking is more than likely connected to a lot of different habits. Perhaps you are used to having a cigarette after each meal or usually smoke when you get in your car. Some smokers are also used to smoking in certain places, such as a designated smoking area at work. Eliminate these habits one at a time, for instance by avoiding the places you usually smoke or chewing some gum when you get in your car instead of lighting a cigarette.

If you have a hard time quitting, replace your cigarettes with another source of nicotine. You could for instance use an e-cigarette or some nicotine gum. Reduce your exposure to nicotine by gradually lowering the amount of nicotine in the refills of your e-cigarette or by replacing your nicotine gum with some regular gum. Nicotine patches are another good solution, but keep in mind that this method can be very stressful.

Keep trying until you become successful. Set some reasonable goals and reward yourself if you meet your goals. Do not feel bad if you fail to meet your goals. Not all your efforts will be ruined if you give in and have a cigarette after a few tobacco-free days. You will only fail if you give up and go back to smoking as much as you used to instead of focusing on fighting your cravings. If you have a hard time with staying motivated, join a support group or find a friend who wants to quit too.

Follow these tips to get rid of your bad habits and adopt a much healthier lifestyle. Quitting can be very hard but your efforts will allow you to reduce your chances of developing a lot of different health problems.

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