Five Solid Suggestions That Can Help You To Stop Smoking

Painless Stop Smoking

Smoking is often an incredibly difficult habit to break. Not only is it physically addictive, but there are often mental addictions that go along with cigarettes and nicotine.

If you are currently facing the challenge of quitting, there are some proven methods that can help. This article will explore five of the best ways to stop smoking.

1. Use stop smoking aids wisely

There are many different aids on the market that can help you to stop smoking. From gum to patches to electric cigarettes and pills, if you are looking for a way to stop, there is certainly a prescription or over the counter method that can help.

While not all of these devices and medications work for everyone, many have proven effective for some. Explore your options when it comes to stopping smoking, and discuss them with your physician. Finding a great aid can make your journey toward recovery easier and faster too.

2. Consider changing your social circle to only include people who do not smoke

If you are trying to stop smoking, it is practically impossible to do when you are constantly surrounded by people who smoke. Rather than continuing to surround yourself with these people, try to find a group of friends who lead a healthier lifestyle, and spend time with them instead. This can help to take the focus off of smoking, and it will give your more positive outlets for your stress, energy and time.

3. Keep yourself motivated by constantly reminding yourself why you want to quit

If you have decided to stop smoking, there must be a reason why. Perhaps that reason is your health, a loved one, your appearance or your desire for a more physical life. Whatever your reason is, remind yourself of it often.

Take the time to write your reasons down, and pin them in a place that you will see every day. By doing this, you will have constant motivation in front of your face should you face a time when you decide that going back to smoking is the best option.

4. Find a replacement for your smoking habit

Smoking is an addiction, and it is often helpful to find another addiction to replace it with in order to improve your health and your chances of quitting. Consider chewing gum instead of smoking. Try finding a hobby that you love and can participate in whenever you want to light up.

Find a favorite food that you would like to indulge in if you are feeling like a cigarette. Whatever your choice is, as long as it is a healthy one, you will be better off doing that than lighting up a cigarette.

5. Tell everyone of your plans to quit

Sometimes staying motivated involves having a lot of people around you to remind you that you plan to quit. Make sure to get some of your closest friends and family members on board, and ask them to help you stay on track toward your quitting plan.

They can scold you a bit if you head for your pack of cigarettes, reward you when you stay on track and just be there to listen if you are having a bad day. Keep as many people involved in your circle of quitting as possible, and use them in whatever way works best for you.

Quitting smoking is difficult, but it does not have to be impossible. By following the advice listed in this article, you will increase your chances of giving up this habit for good and be on your way toward an improved quality of life.

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