Here’s Five Methods Of Quitting Smoking To Help You Stop

Painless Stop Smoking

You need an arsenal of weapons on your side when you decide to quit smoking, because it can be so difficult! Hopefully, the following suggestions can work with your program to kick the habit of smoking, once and for all.

1. Keep your hands and mouth busy

Chew gum and mints when you feel the urge. Use fake or e-cigarettes too. Mimicking your former habit can help you get over the cravings and through the withdrawals. You can use regular gum and mints, or special over-the-counter versions designed to help smokers quit. Ask your doctor what might work best for you.

2. Stay away from other smokers

No matter who they are and how much you want to be around them, keep your distance! The smells and sights will turn your withdrawals into monstrous cravings instantly. This can weaken your resolve and lead to lighting up. Avoid other smokers for at least the first few weeks after you quit and then try only exposing yourself to them a little bit at a time. Wait until you’re totally strong enough to resist to resume normal relationship time.

3. Keep thinking about why you’re trying to give up cigarettes

You probably have a million things motivating you to stop smoking, so keep them in the forefront of your mind. Think about your children, if you have them, your goals, people who would miss you and everything you wish to achieve in life. Then think about how much smoking can slow you down or even kill you years before your life should be over.

4. Find replacement habits

You could start exercising, oil painting or a number of other healthy and fun activities. Pick a bunch of them at first and keep trying them; what ever keeps your mind off of smoking and a smoke out of your hand is what you should be doing! Make sure it’s something you can be proud of at the end of the day, so that it’s a reward in and of itself.

5. Tell everyone you know you’re going to do it!

This can be a great motivational factor in your battle to quit. You certainly don’t want to let everyone down or hear anybody saying, “I knew you couldn’t do it!” By telling those who love you that you’re going to quit for sure, you will have all kinds of support and encouragement to fuel your fight! Designate somebody you can call when ever you feel the urge to smoke and let them talk you right out of it!

6. Join a support group

There are a number of ways you can present yourself to a group for help: online, in-person, at events where smoking is strictly prohibited or you could employ the use of a hotline for would-be quitters. Find a place where you fit in and get as much help as you can. The support of others might mean the difference between success or failure.

Smoking really stinks, but giving it up is just so hard! Please use these suggestions when you’re having difficulty, and stick with your program. The cravings will stop eventually and you will be able to finally call yourself a non-smoker!

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