Tips To Help You Stop Smoking Right Away

Painless Stop Smoking

Millions of people around the world have found themselves addicted to cigarettes. If you are one of these people, you may have tried to quit many times, only to find yourself falling back into the habit. Fortunately, quitting is not impossible. It just takes a solid plan of action. If you want to eliminate cigarettes from your life for good, use the following tips.

Deadlines are a useful tool in many different situations, and quitting smoking is no different. Set a firm date for when you want to quit smoking. Write it on your calendar, circle it in red ink, and remind yourself of this date every day. Tell all of your friends and family members about it so that they can remind you about this deadline. This way, you can avoid procrastinating.

As you progress towards your quit date, start keeping track of all of the cigarettes that you smoke in a journal. Each time you light up, write down what time it is, where you are, and why you decided to have a smoke. Once you are forced to think consciously about each and every cigarette, you will be better prepared to break the habit. By making yourself keep track of all of these cigarettes, it will be easier to stop.

For many smokers, the urge to have a cigarette is triggered by certain associations. Perhaps you feel the need to smoke every time you are in a certain place or whenever you are spending time with certain people. You can try to avoid these situations, but if doing so is impossible, you need to come up with alternatives to smoking. For example, you could start chewing gum instead of reaching for a cigarette.

The more people you tell about your efforts to quit smoking, the better. If you keep your plan to yourself, no one will be able to provide you with the support you need to succeed. You may feel tempted not to tell anyone because you do not want to disappoint anyone if you fail. However, by informing a wide circle of people, you can actually make it easier to quit. Your friends and family members can help you out by reminding you of how important it is to stop smoking.

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking has slipped up at times. Maybe you have had a very stressful day and figure that one cigarette will not hurt, or maybe you just find yourself smoking without even realizing it. Just because you slip up now and then does not mean that you are doomed to failure. The occasional relapse is to be expected. Keep your eyes on the big picture and stay focused on the benefits that you will enjoy once you have finally quit smoking for good.

When you are trying to quit smoking, it is important not to give up just because you have a few lapses. The more focused and dedicated you are to quitting, the more successful you will be. By using the advice from this article, you can finally give up the habit and put cigarettes behind you for good.

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