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Doctor, how to keep lungs healthy? Follow this 6-step daily regimen backed by a pulmonologist

Healthy lungs means healthy and fit you&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images Key Highlights Never before in recent history have our lungs taken so much precedence over other organs. With the COVID-19 pandemic around, most of us want to know how to maintain the peak health of our breathing system. Lungs need reverence, lungs demand care. Lung health is not accidental but a result of planning and care. Since early 2020, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic surged across the world after […]

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Air pollution – The enemy of healthy lungs

The prevalence of COPD is on the rise, affecting about 12% of the global population.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspAP With the onset of fall, Delhi, the national capital is like a gas chamber containing highly polluted toxic air with emissions from firecrackers and stubble burning adding fuel to the fire and breathing the thick smog enveloping the lower atmosphere that is full of harmful particles and gases, even for few minutes, is sufficient to send shivers to the spine of the exposed. As usual, the sight and […]

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