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We already know West Virginia has the highest percentage of smokers in the country, but more research — this time by ProVape — indicates the Mountain State is the “most obsessed with vaping” of all the states. If you’re wondering how one quantifies obsession, the research looked at populations having “the highest search levels for the phrases ‘Vape shop,’ ‘Vape,’ ‘Vaping’ and ‘Vapes.’” West Virginia outstripped the second-place state, Wyoming, by an astounding amount. (The research appears to have been compiled with lower scores indicating […]

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11-year-old girl rushed to hospital after vaping, mother now calls for action against the sale of illegal e-cigarettes to children

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She is calling on her Yarmouth MP, Brandon Lewis to address this issue. Holly Smith (Image credit: Facebook)By: Kimberly Rodrigues ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) in the UK mentions that most people become addicted to nicotine and take up smoking when they are still children. Recently, an 11-year-old girl was rushed to a hospital after her mother, Holly Smith, 29, discovered her to be extremely lethargic and barely able to stand. The girl had reportedly used an illegal fake vape, which probably contained twice the legal […]

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