Top Tips To Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

There are lots of stop-smoking tips available for people who want or need to take time to make a slow transition. What if you just want to stop right now? Can you do it successfully? Read on for some revolutionary new tips to help you try!

Remember that you are addicted to nicotine. Nicotine replacement to stop smoking is just supporting the addiction and putting your money into the pocket of another dealer.

Remember the 12-Step theory. Do not try to stop smoking forever. Instead, try stopping this morning, this afternoon, or tonight. Eventually, you can stretch it to one day at a time.

Understand that stopping smoking is like ending a relationship, and you may find yourself mourning by denying, becoming angry, attempting to make deals with yourself and feeling depressed. Just remember that in the end, you will come to accept and be complacent about your new way of life, and that is a normal part of mourning.

Realize that you will probably dream about smoking quite a bit at first. In fact, you may even be able to taste the smoke. This is because there is still some residue of the scent of smoke in your lungs. This will pass as you become healthier.

Take care of yourself by eating well. When you smoked, you probably had some bad eating habits because you could smoke instead of eating. Now is the time to focus on eating regularly and well to become strong and healthy again.

Citrus fruit, citrus juice, and acidic juices like cranberry juice will help you get through the first few days. They help purify your system and keep your blood-sugar level on an even keel.

Do not rely on crutches to get by. You are recovering from a dependence, so do not replace it with another dependence. If you need to turn to a stop smoking buddy or a sponsor, be sure that person is a strong non-smoker who can redirect you.

Reduce the amount of caffeine you consume because nicotine reduces it in your system. If you keep on drinking the same amount of caffeinated beverages you drank before quitting smoking, you will get a bad case of jangled nerves.

Avoid drinking, at least in the early stages. Drinking makes people do stupid things like smoking.

Do not give up everything you like when you quit smoking. If you want to make a lifestyle change, do it one thing at a time so you will not feel too deprived.

Avoid triggers for cravings. You know smoking is a ritual that you perform at specific times of day. Shake up your schedule and add new activities that take you away from your smoking triggers.

Keep your cravings in perspective. It may seem like cravings last forever, but really, they only last about three minutes. When you begin to crave a cigarette, quickly redirect yourself to do something else. Do not give in to taking just one puff. This is a slippery slope back to poor health or starting all over again with the quitting process.

If you just want to make a clean break from smoking, it can be done. When you act with resolve, take good care of yourself, and remember that you are fighting a powerful and dangerous addiction, you will be able to muster the motivation you need to stick it out. Follow the tips presented here to stay strong and stop smoking.

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