Simple Strategies for Quitting Smoking for Good

Once you pick up the habit of smoking, it can be very difficult to stop. That said, it is also very important to stop before you end up developing cancer, emphysema or heart disease. This article provides you with some time-tested and proven tips and tricks to help you butt out for good.

The first step is to set a date on which you will quit. That gives you time to prepare by picking up the supplies you may need, letting friends and family know, and preparing yourself mentally. If the first time doesn’t work, keep setting new dates until you finally kick the habit.

Next, check out your options at the store. There are gums, patches and even e-cigarettes which can all help you quit. They pace your quitting by providing your body with nicotine in smaller and smaller increments. Don’t continue using these products for longer than recommended, though, as some can be just as bad as smoking itself.

Now you need to stay away from other smokers. If your coworkers go out for a smoke break, go to the lunch room and have a glass of water instead. If your partner smokes, ask them to smoke outside. Not only will this keep temptation away from you, but it may annoy them to the point that they quit, too. Remove all smoking accessories from your home, such as ashtrays and lighters, and clean your house to remove the smell of old smoke.

Change your habits by doing something new to replace them. If you would have a cigarette after a meal, do a quick workout instead. If you need to, chew gum or hold a straw between your fingers to replicate smoking without actually doing it. Once you have a new habit, the old one will quickly be forgotten.

Beware replacing your old habits with eating! Many people feel the need to eat more once they quit, and this can be a bad temptation to indulge. If you really feel like you have to chew something, use gum or ice cubes. If the temptation is too great, try eating an apple, cut into small pieces, very slowly. By the time you are done, you should feel satisfied.

In the end, support is what you need to be able to quit smoking. Joining a support group online or locally is a great idea as your peers will be going through the same tribulations that you are, so they may have advice which can really help. Make sure your loved ones also support you as they will really be able to help you through the tough times.

Quitting isn’t easy, of course, but it is highly important. The longer you smoke, the higher your risks of a variety of health problems will become. For the sake of your loved ones and yourself, seek out help and quit as soon as possible. Once you do, you will smell better, feel better and have a clearer mind, too. Thanks to this article, you should now have the tools to get the job done.

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