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National No Smoking Day: Help on hand to quit in Helensburgh

TOMORROW is National No Smoking Day ­– and if you’re looking to kick the habit, there’ll be a helping hand available in Helensburgh. If you want to quit, but you’re not quite sure of the best way to go about it, get yourself along to the Co-operative Food store in Sinclair Street from 10am until 4pm on Wednesday, March 9. That’s where you’ll find a team of local NHS ‘stop smoking’ advisers, working in partnership with the Argyll and Bute health and social care partnership (HSCP), ready […]

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Eat during the day to reduce health risks linked to night-shift work

NIGHT-SHIFT WORKERS have an increased risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease. A new US study published in the journal Science Advances suggests that eating during the daytime could be a simple intervention that can reduce the adverse metabolic effects linked to night-shift work. The study included 19 healthy young men and women who were randomly assigned to a 14-day simulated night-work schedule with one of two eating plans: one group ate during the night-time which is typical among night-shift workers, and the other group ate during […]

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DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: What is your ideal free time? 2 hours a day

Texas News Today

My wife Claire and I are both in their 60s. As our children grew up and left home, we now thought our lives would be slow. But we seem to be busier than ever. Talk about what you don’t want to do, but the fact that you can’t decide what to reduce (the number of Zoom calls, projects, and Instagram posts is low) makes us as happy as we are now. is showing. And that seems to be the case for many busy people. We moan about […]

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Touchstone ABA talks “World Behavior Analysis Day”

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – March 20, 2021 is recognized as the first ever “World Behavior Analysis Day.” Here to share more is Touchstone ABA Board Certified Behavior Analyst Angie Moran. • The date of World Behavior Analysis Day was chosen to honor the birthday of B. F. Skinner, an influential American psychologist, behaviorist, author, inventor and social philosopher. • The goal of this day is to unite worldwide efforts to share information about the science of behavior. • In addition, World Behavior Analysis Day provides a platform […]

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