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Tobacco Free Florida promotes smoking cessation

By Gulf Breeze News | on May 19, 2022 The Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida dedicated Tobacco Free Florida Week to raising awareness of the connection between tobacco use and improving mental health. “Mental Health Equals Mental Wealth: Overcoming the Influences of Tobacco on the Mind” was May 8-14 as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. Tobacco Free Florida Week is the annual initiative focusing […] Source link

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2 Biotech Stocks That Could Go Parabolic

Biotech stocks have taken a beating to start the year, with the S&P Biotech Industry Index down more than 49% so far. That doesn’t mean that investors should give up on the sector, however. These stocks are known for volatility because all it takes is one blockbuster drug to uplift a biotech company’s fortunes. With biotech shares down, this presents a good opportunity for long-term investors to find strong buys that could pay off handsomely in the long run. There are several reasons a biotech stock could […]

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Other Notable Health Studies & Research From May 12, 2022

Perspectives on Racism in Health Care Among Black Veterans With Chronic Kidney Disease In this qualitative study of 36 Black veterans with chronic kidney disease, participants described feeling angry and resentful and experiencing stress as a result of encounters with racism; some veterans also expressed a strong sense of distrust in the health care system coupled with a need to be hypervigilant during clinical encounters. Laboratory-generated mini-kidneys help understand the link between diabetes and COVID-19 diseaseIn an international collaboration, researchers led by Nuria Montserrat, ICREA Research Professor at […]

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Britain May Officially License Vapes as Smoking Cessation Medical Products

The British Medical Association supports these developments and has suggested that e-cigarettes are licensed as medicine. As part of the drive to create a “smoke free” England by 2030, a review commissioned by the Department of Health is expected to recommend promoting e-cigarettes as less harmful alternatives for existing smokers, when it releases its report later this month. Javed Khan was appointed by Health Secretary Sajid Javid to lead the inquiry in February. “In my review I have considered a range of critical interventions that will make […]

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Johnny Depp CBD Gummies Reviews – Johnny Depp CBD Gummies , Quit Smoking and 100 percent Pain Relief! Job – (DONOTUSE) University of California Santa Barbara Police Department

Corporate(DONOTUSE) University of California Santa Barbara Police Department – Santa Barbara, California Contact Information Johnny Depp CBD Gummies Johnny Depp CBD Gummies (DONOTUSE) University of California Santa Barbara Police Department Public Safety 574, Mesa Rd, Goleta, CA Santa Barbara, California 93117 phone: Johnny Depp CBD Gummies Source link

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These stroke tips from Pueblo’s Parkview Medical Center could save lives

A stroke victim undergoes rehabilitation with a physical therapist. May is National Stroke Awareness Month in the U.S.

Someone in the United States suffers a stroke roughly every 40 seconds, Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo has said as the United States marks National Stroke Awareness Month in May.  Parkview last year cared for 469 patients who had an ischemic stroke, caused by a blocked artery; hemorrhagic stroke, caused by a leaking blood vessel, or a transient ischemic attack, often called a TIA or mini-stroke, in which a person has symptoms like those of a stroke, lasting only a few minutes. Throughout the month of May, the medical […]

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Florida man Seth Settle arrested for killing mom who told him no smoking in room

A 19-year-old Florida man was arrested and charged with allegedly shooting and killing his mother in their Polk County home this week. Seth Settle reportedly shot and killed his mother Thursday after she ordered him to stop smoking cigars in his bedroom, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, according to Fox 13 Tampa Bay. The incident occurred shortly after Settle’s father left work on what seemed like a normal weekday. Shortly after 9:30 a.m., though, he had received a call that his wife had been taken to a hospital. Authorities were first alerted to the […]

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Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 4C Cash Flow Statement

Highlights: Positive phase 2a clinical trial results for IHL-42X with 60% of trial participants experiencing at least a 55% reduction in the Apnoea Hypopnea Index (‘AHI’) 20% of IHL-42X clinical trial participants experienced a reduction in AHI of greater than 80% completes comprehensive in vivo study on the neuroprotective capability of IHL-216A with results being analysed to be released within 2-3 weeks treatment commences in the phase 2a clinical trial to assess psilocybin and specialised psychotherapy for the treatment of generalised anxiety disorder initiates a second clinical […]

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“Unhealthy” Habits to Give Up After 60 — Eat This Not That

If you want to be happy, healthy, and thriving into your 60s and beyond, it’s time to wave bye-bye to some bad habits and embrace a vibrant, meaningful life. “Leading a life of purpose not only feels good and meaningful, existentially speaking,” says Carol D. Ryff, Ph.D, “it may also be an area of rich potential in which intervention studies and public health education programs might contribute to improved health of our ever growing aged population.” Here are five things you need to leave behind in your […]

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Oral Health Equity Cannot Be Achieved Without Racial Equity

A dentist holds a mold of a mouth, with teeth, and inspects using a mirror tool.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of a Health Affairs Forefront series on Racism and Health, published in conjunction with the February issue of Health Affairs Journal. Read other posts in the series on the Racism and Health landing page. Over two decades ago, in 2000 the first Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health placed oral health at the forefront of national health priorities. Specifically, this report attributed racial oral health inequities to inadequate dental care access. In 2003, a national call to action centered on increasing […]

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