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The Future Of Drug Delivery Technology

The Future of Drug Delivery Technology

“Drugs only work in people who take them,” was the incredibly perceptive statement from the multiple-former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop (1982-1989). A patient can’t derive benefit from the modern medicines we have in our armamentarium unless they actually take them. I would extend this statement to include that, “Drugs can only exert their effects properly if their dosage form and delivery technology are optimized.” For example, putting certain medications in oral solid dose may lead to their performance being almost totally useless if the therapeutic molecules […]

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Tobacco giant Philip Morris sees a future without cigarettes — but there’s a catch | Business

The Los Angeles Times The maker of Marlboro and other cigarette brands has a new mission: getting the world’s 1 billion smokers to quit smoking. You read that right. Philip Morris International is trying to persuade customers to switch to its heated tobacco products, which it claims are safer alternatives because they are smoke-free. Eventually, the company hopes, governments will regulate cigarettes out of existence altogether. Given Big Tobacco’s long history of distortions and misleading the public, some skepticism is in order. Although the FDA has authorized […]

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