UK Plan to Push its Smoke-free 2030 Target Includes Vaping


The report ‘The Khan review: Making smoking obsolete’ was an independent review of the UK government’s 2030 smoke-free policies, which encourage the use of vapes for smoking cessation. “It is great that the UK seems to keep supporting vaping to help smokers quit despite the unfounded attacks in other parts of the world. Vaping is proven to be one of the most successful smoking cessation methods. The UK is the beacon of hope for smokers who want to quit, and other governments should follow their lead,” said Michael Landl, Director of the global vaping advocacy group World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA).

A press release by the WVA summarised the review recommendations as follows:

  • “Provide accurate information to healthcare professionals about the benefits of vaping
  • Promote vaping as a substitute for smoking and offer free “swap to stop” vapes to help smokers quit
  • Implement measures that prevent young people from taking up vaping”

An emphasis on the need to address the misinformation about vaping

The report not only endorses tobacco harm reduction but author and former CEO of Barnardo’s & Victim Support, Dr Javed Khan, also mentions the importance of tackling the misinformation about vaping by providing “accurate information to consumers on the benefits of switching.”

Landl added that the plan may not be perfect but at least the UK is headed in the right direction. “Even though the plan is not perfect, it is great to see that the UK puts practical solutions centre stage instead of following idealised goals. Harm reduction is proven to be effective and is the only way forward. The UK should also use this opportunity to get rid of some of the most burdensome EU legacy regulations like nicotine and container size limits.”

He highlighted that the EU should really follow suit. “The European Union should take the UK’s approach as an example when designing its strategy for tobacco regulation. Vaping should be the leading component of the upcoming Tobacco Product Directive review in the efforts to help smokers quit.”

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