Pokémon GO Praised For Helping Player Quit Smoking

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The popular mobile game Pokémon GO makes players explore the world and get exercise, which gave one player the motivation to quit smoking.

Pokémon GO fan recently credited their ability to quit smoking to the exercise the game provides. Pokémon GO is a popular mobile game that not only provides fans with entertainment in the form of catching and battling Pokémon – it also provides them exercise while doing so.

Pokémon GO launched as an active game with a lot of social aspects as well. Niantic, the game’s developers, encouraged players to get outside and walk around in order to catch various Pokémon spread throughout the world. With the regular addition of more new Pokémon in Pokémon GO, fans have often found themselves walking back and forth in pedestrian-safe locations in search of these new catches. Niantic also encourages fans to join a team and work together to capture Gyms spread throughout their community. These Gyms and PokéStops are constantly being updated and added into the Pokémon GO world, and reward players with items and experience. One of the items is a Pokémon Egg, which can only be hatched by walking certain distances. The shortest amount required for an egg is 2-km or just over one mile and the longest is 12-km or just over seven miles. This is another aspect that encourages players to go out and walk around.


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Reddit user izmirnights shared their personal accomplishment of quitting smoking, which they attributed to how active Pokémon GO made them. In their post, they shared that they had been attempting to be nicotine-free for six years, but were unable to kick the habit. They began to go on daily walks and bike rides while playing Pokémon GO and this allowed them to get the nicotine out of their system long enough to become nicotine-free. They also thanked Niantic for making Pokémon GO. Commenters on the post shared their encouragement and kind words for the original poster. Some even shared their experiences and tips and tricks they learned to help them stay nicotine-free.

One commenter mentioned the idea of using the money that would usually be spent on cigarettes to buy Raid Passes instead, which others agreed was a good idea. Raid Passes are used for Raid Battles in Pokémon GO where players team up with each other to battle a powerful Pokémon. Once this Pokémon is defeated, players that helped defeat it are able to try and catch other powerful Pokémon that are in the same area. Having a higher and more expensive Raid Pass allows access to different perks like being able to access a Raid remotely or even invite a friend to join the Raid alongside the player. While the Raid Passes vary in price, the amount of money izmirnights would spend on an average pack of cigarettes could get them a significant amount of Raid Passes.

With the Sun & Moon Season of Alola Pokémon GO event on the way, players have a lot of exciting new changes to look forward to. There will be more opportunities for players to go out into the world to exercise and safely explore their communities while on the hunt for rare and shiny Pokémon thanks to Pokémon GO and Niantic.

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Source: izmirnights/Reddit

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