American Lung Association starts vape-free schools scholarship fund

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DENVER– One in every five teenagers are vaping with one in four teenagers using a minimum of one tobacco product, according to a study recently released by the American Lung Association.

In Colorado, high-school-age tobacco product use rates are around 28%

As of today, the American Lung Association has launched a brand new fund called the Vape-Free Schools Scholarship Fund in order for teenagers to receive tobacco addiction education, smoking cessation tips and support.

The scholarship fund drive has set the cost of $400 per training seat for students with the end goal of raising $400,000 going to 1,000 schools by the end of 2021.

Ellen Penrod, executive director of the American Lung Association, said, “With 28% of Colorado high school students using tobacco products, our communities need help to support students impacted by tobacco use.”

The initiative contains two separate programs, both intended for school-age young adults.

The program called INDEPTH is intended to be an alternative-to-suspension program for any students found vaping, smoking or chewing on school grounds that will teach them about nicotine dependence and how to establish healthy, life-long boundaries.

The Not-On-Tobacco program is a voluntary class for teenagers wanting to quit vaping or smoking. In its ten sessions, the class will offer education, tools and support.

To donate to the fund, visit To get more information about the Vape-Free Schools Initiative program or submit your school for the scholarship, go to or contact the program coordinators at

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