Five Methods for Successful Smoking Cessation

Addictions are difficult to break, whether they be to alcohol, drugs or nicotine. Anyone who has had to quit an addicting habit will tell you – it ain’t easy! Thankfully, you can learn from others who have successfully kicked the habit by reading this article which is chock full of great advice. Using time-tested techniques could be your strategy for success!

Planning is key to quitting. You need to understand what makes you smoke and how you can get around it. That includes knowing your triggers and avoiding them, so make a list before you quit. You also need to figure out new methods of coping with stress. You’ll need to rid yourself of any reminders of smoking, be they ashtrays or people you smoke with. The more you get ready before you actually quit, the better your chances become.

As you prepare, speak to your doctor about his advice. He may know of prescriptions which can help make quitting a little easier. He may also have other patients who quit for health reasons, so he can tell you what they did which led them to success.

He will also have access to local support groups which you can join, and they can be great resources for advice which actually works. Lastly, he will know your medical history and will be able to monitor you as you quit, ensuring you remain healthy during withdrawal.

Next, consider alternatives to smoking. Many people turn to food to placate their oral fixation, but that is never a healthy option. Instead, find gum flavors you like, or sugar-free candies, or even toothpicks to toss around your mouth. Find a great book you would love to get lost in, or a game you can play on your cell phone. Give yourself a plethora of distractions so you won’t start to allow your old habit to creep back. If you are always busy doing something, you will be too busy to smoke.

Once you are ready to quit, clean your home from top to bottom and resolve not to smoke inside anymore. A clean home which doesn’t smell of cigarettes should remind you less of your old habit. It will smell and look better, plus it will be cleaner and healthier for all inside. After working so hard to clean your house, the last thing on your mind would be to smoke there and dirty the place up again!

Lastly, seek out healthy practices throughout your life. Start eating better and focus your meals on vegetables, whole grains, legumes and lean proteins. Also engage in more exercise and get your body back into shape. The healthier you are, the easier it will be to rid yourself of the toxins from smoke, therefore helping to end you cravings as fast as possible.

The simplest strategies are often those with the most success as you won’t struggle to implement them. The five ideas here are not only easy to put to use, but also highly effective. When you take the time to use them, only success will lay on the road ahead. Continue to pursue your dream of being smoke-free and work hard to get to all of your goals.

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